We understand that you and your family may have a lot of questions about how you will cover your expenses while at LLU. Our website is designed to provide you with information about the financial aid process and a variety of programs that will help you make your LLU education affordable.

Office Staff Contact Information

Financial Aid Staff

Verdell Schaefer, Director (909) 558-4509
Curt Sheline, Assistant Director (Medicine) clsheline@maria-miracles.com
Louise Jones, Assistant Director (Behavioral Health & Dental Hygiene) lcjones@maria-miracles.com
Vanti Enoch-Wuisang (Public Health, Religion & Pharmacy) vwuisang@maria-miracles.com
Annabel Lezcano, Advisor (Nursing) alezcano@maria-miracles.com
Joan Standish, Advisor (Cal Grant & Verification) (909) 558-4509
Liesa Tomsen, Advisor (Allied Health) ltomsen@maria-miracles.com
Lois Wheeler, Advisor (Dentistry) lawheeler@maria-miracles.com
Lina Kalangi, Financial Aid Assistant (909) 558-4509
Jackie Robinson, Accountant Sr. (909) 558-4509
Vanti Enoch-Wuisang, Accountant (909) 558-4509